What’s the best way of transportation for a business trip? In general people use their own car, take public transportation or do car sharing. None of these options appeal to you? Then you can do what I do, and rent from time to time a rental car.

You can combine fun with practicality. Car rental for business travel offers several advantages: convenience, economy of time and even money. Based on your personal needs, you can choose the right car for rent.

Opt for the convenience of car rental

Opting for a rental car has several advantages. Indeed, you can choose the car brand that best suits you: minivan, utility vehicles or others. For business travel, luxury sedans will give you more credibility than small city cars. A rental with chauffeur gives you time to take one last look at the files before going to an appointment. You don’t have to worry about finding a parking space or about the safety of the car radio, etc. By opting for car rental, you get the vehicle and the service that goes with it.

Why not get a sports car?

Contrary to popular belief, they are reliable. Besides, you will attract attention. If you’re doing business, it will give you the image of a successful person. Imagine you have to sign a big contract in Saint-Tropez or Monaco and you arrive with your old South Korean wreck … (No, no, your car is fine, but spare it the trouble of making a trip to Paris or Nice if it’s not used to it). Getting off the TGV or the plane, a Ferrari, an M3 or the Range sport can be waiting for you. If a sport car rental in Monaco is a tempting offer to you, don’t hesitate to take the plunge.

You can also rent a car when you go on a weekend. Come on friends, I look forward to hearing about your opinion!