What are the different types of AC covers ?

ac cover

There are many reasons why you should cover your air conditioning unit in the winter. For one thing, a cover will protect your unit against the elements. This will help you avoid maintenance issues and keep your air conditioner intact and ready to serve you in the summer. Another reason to keep your unit covered is to prevent cold air […]

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Periodontal disease : an affliction of the gums

toothbrush toothpaste dental care

Periodontal disease normally first appears around the age of 30 and gradually develops and gets worse as the decades pass. It’s a condition caused by the build up of bacteria in dental plaque. In the absence of treatment and without good oral hygiene, it can lead to the degeneration and loss of teeth. To prevent and treat periodontal disease, it’s […]

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Why is Nice a town which makes buyers dream ?


The town of Nice attracts a very varied crowd: in the summer the tourists arrive ‘en masse’, and the rest of the year workers and young students bring the town to life. Why not buy a villa in Nice? It is therefore of interest to purchase a property in this town of Nice, close-by to everything one might want for […]

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When there’s a jumble of sweets …


Sweets…. when you were little you loved them ! Growing up, they’ve become your worst enemy : a crazy longing to eat them while telling yourself it’s not right if you want to keep your figure ! Candy can even be cooked – yes, cooked – you read that correctly ! So here are some ideas for pleasing the little […]

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Top 3 types of swimwear for men


It’s not only the fairer sex that is always pampered by designers. Gentlemen too can now sport that ultra chic look, especially during the holidays which are almost synonymous with loads of aquatic activities and fun and frolic on the beaches and at the pool. Say goodbye to shapeless swimming trunks and make way instead for fashionable and attractive male […]

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Secrets of a beautiful soft skin


When summer comes, it’s time to go on holiday or seaside trips to enjoy the sun. It is also a period during which skin problems increase. This is why it is important to use skin care moisturizers, for instance, sunscreen, Monoi of Tahiti oil, a vegetable soap, bath salts or massage oils.

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