The Data Marketing Conference and Exhibition 2015 is the premier event in Toronto, Canada where individuals can come to learn about the latest data trends and network with the brilliant and the finest experts in the data-driven marketing field.

What is the Data marketing Exhibition?

The Data Marketing Conference and Exhibition provides an opportunity to join a dedicated group of data-driven marketers in Toronto, Canada.

This year’s Data Marketing Conference has come at an important time after last year’s data findings in regards to marketing were confirmed. Data driven practitioners were vindicated by the research that confirmed the complicated nature of the marketing job. The challenge has become even more complicated with the arrival of the latest technologies e.g. the Internet of Things (IoT), mobility and wearable devices.

The themes of the conference

These new developments are reshaping marketing practice. It is, therefore, important to know what the industry leaders are doing to support customer engagement efforts. The Marketing Conference 2015 will help the attendees understand these latest innovations and understand the people’s interest. Attendees will also learn the motivational aspects of how people engage with a particular brand and what leads them to buy the product. You will also learn how to use this data to innovate new products that fit the target audience.

The speakers at the Data marketing conference

This year’s theme is based on offering better understanding in data marketing. Attendees can expect more brands, more master classes, and more end users. Also, the conference will be offering hands-on experiences and real life examples. Finally, there will be more pre-conference workshops, solution providers, and more networking.

The conference will feature seventy-five speakers from Canada and the United States, who work in industry leading companies. Some of the star speakers include Vladamir Liemez, a Senior Consultant at Oracle, Erin Green, M.D Etsy Canada and Louis Clements, President of MRM/McCANN.