Here we are: you have decided to build your new patio! Wonderful! However, which fabric are you going to use? Wood, tiles, concrete, PVC, there is a wide choice available.

But have you ever heard of an aluminium patio? Why is this so famous at the moment? Let us explain it all to you.

What is an aluminium patio? 

To furnish their outside space, people tend to choose concrete slabs. Why? Because they imagine that this is a sturdy and lasting material. However, this is not really the case. Materials such as concrete or wood can deteriorate easily if they are not taken care of.

Nevertheless, aluminium has the same advantages in terms of sturdiness and durability. Thus, an aluminium patio is normally made of rotating strips. These roof battens are put onto a structure, itself on a slab or on a retractable cone. The strips are integrated into the structure and then fixed thanks to wooden or metal pieces.

In the end, the aluminium patio combines modern aesthetics with sturdiness and practicability. Indeed, if you choose aluminium, you will not have any permeability problems anymore. Moreover, these types of patios do not require a lot of maintenance from you.

If you like all these features, you can order an aluminium patio on the McMel Europe website. The company offers quality and lasting facilities.

Many colours to enhance your outside space

Enjoy a personalised and sturdy life space! When we think about aluminium, we often think about the industrial grey colour of roof battens. However, nowadays, there are many choices in terms of colours.

If you want to match your patio and arbour colours, you will easily find the perfect colour. Moreover, if you want a natural looking outside space, there are retractable strips in aluminium, that look like wooden ones. You just have to add an arbour to your patio and it’s done.

A patio put up way more easily

The lightness of aluminium patio strips is the main advantage of these patios. You can put them up and move them easily, such as PVC patches.

Aluminium roof battens are twice as lighter as wooden ones. This lightness is balanced by the stability and sturdiness of the strips. To sum up, once the aluminium structure has been put up, you just have to fit the strips together and fix them into metal pieces.

The structure, in aluminium or metal, would not move through time, if it’s well put up. If you call on a professional, the putting up will be faster and more precise.

A guarantee of sturdiness for your outside space

Setting up an aluminium or metallic patio would guarantee you security. Indeed, rotating strips are perfectly waterproof and sunproof. Thanks to it, sunshine would not deform the patio, no matter how large it is.

Your patio would not be damaged by bad weather either. You can do your Sunday barbecue without fear. Indeed, the deck is resistant to flames and sparks. Contrary to wooden patios, aluminium ones would not get attacked by insects, which could be a real bonus depending on your area.

Finally, these facilities can hold more weight than normal ones. Moreover, no matter their size, these types of patios can hold up to 500 kg/sq.

Aluminium: a sun proof material

As we have said earlier, these patios are sunproof. Thanks to this, the patio is sleek and straight and its colour will not fade. Furthermore, thanks to its heat conduction, the floor will still cool and you will not burn your feet on it, even barefoot under the heat. Thus, you can enjoy your patio all year round.

A customised space, matching with all styles


Aluminium is a great material for outside spaces. Therefore, you need to choose a colour that will match your decoration. If you have an industrial-style decoration, grey will be perfect. However, if you are more light and natural tones, beige and white will do better. You can add an arbour to complete your patio and enjoy it even more.

On the other hand, if you have outdoor air conditioning and are afraid that it will spoil the aesthetics of your aluminium patio, don’t hesitate to opt for an air conditioner cover! This will allow it to be hidden in an aesthetic way so that it fits perfectly with your new patio.


To conclude, if you want a patio that is sturdy, handy and beautiful at the same time, you need to choose aluminium. Available in different colours, you will for sure find one that will perfectly suit you.