Do you have an outdoor air conditioning unit and would you like to make this installation a little more discreet? There are now many solutions that allow you to reduce the noise of an outdoor air conditioner, while taking advantage of an equipment that will preserve the main functions of your equipment over time.

In this publication, we take a look at the principle of operation of the air conditioning cover, as well as the various advantages and strengths of this device.

What is an air-conditioning cover ?

At the moment, the air conditioning sector seems to have the wind in its sails in France. In 2018 alone, figures show that 500,000 air-to-air heat pump outdoor units were sold. This is a record for the air conditioning sector, which has seen an increase of 18%! The reason for this is probably technological innovation: indeed, the devices offered by manufacturers are increasingly efficient, and are leading the last reluctant people to take a stand in favour of this technology.

However, some air-conditioners still have several weak points. First of all, the noise, then the aesthetic aspect of certain units – it must be said that an outdoor unit is never very nice to see! Hence the interest in investing in an air-conditioning cover, or air-conditioning box.

The air conditioner cover has several very practical functions: firstly, it will allow you to “dress up” the outside of your air conditioning unit, often installed in front of or near an entrance door.

In this way, you can make it “disappear” from the landscape by opting for natural colours or colours close to the walls. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, the box helps to reduce the noise of the air conditioning system, while keeping the unit running smoothly – most boxes are designed to allow air to flow freely in and around the system.

Another important point is that a climate cover also helps to preserve the functionality of your unit over time by protecting it from the elements.

An outdoor unit will be subjected to the usual weather conditions throughout its life: rain, wind, frost and intense sunlight. Thanks to a quality casing that acts like a second skin, you can protect your outdoor unit from corrosion. Are you looking for aesthetic air conditioner covers ? Visit this site.

The strengths of the air conditioner cover

It doesn’t take up space

If you’re worried that installing an air conditioner cover would be an additional space constraint, don’t worry: this type of equipment is perfectly optimised and generally offers an extremely compact character: the dimensions of each device are thought out to adapt to the standard of the air conditioners, and thus come to frame the system without encumbering the space around it.

There is no need to systematically turn to an excessively thick box: materials such as wood or aluminium will do very well, and will offer sufficient resistance to UV, rain or frost.

Finally, note that an air-conditioning cover can be used as an extra piece of furniture, once installed! You can safely use it as a tray to place a vase, or even glasses at aperitif time. It is therefore an additional opportunity to optimise space, especially in the smallest of spaces.

The price is affordable

You should know that buying an outdoor air conditioning unit will not cost you much compared to what it can do for your daily life. In any case, it is important to note that this is a real investment, as the equipment is designed to last for many years. If you invest in an aluminium screen, for example, you should know that this material can last for decades without suffering.

A screen made of Douglas fir wood can last between 10 and 15 years. In addition, some anti-UV treatments provide an extra guarantee for your system. False foliage, for example, can allow you to cleverly conceal your system with an artificial bush, and benefit from a guarantee of up to 5 years.

It’s easy to install

If you’re worried that installing a climate control cover will be a problem and require some preparation, don’t worry: most systems on the market are ready to install. All you need are some concrete screws to fix to the wall, and don’t forget to use the appropriate dowels.

Of course, if you want a professional result and you are not too comfortable, you can call in a specialist heating engineer. The skills of a professional can quickly become indispensable if your outdoor unit is positioned high up. Here you will need to use a ladder, which can be tricky in terms of safety. In any case, the drilling operation does not take very long, and should take a total of 15 minutes.

It ensures good air circulation

If you think that installing a protective casing around your air conditioner may prevent it from working properly, you are mistaken: in reality, the air-conditioning casings are designed not to limit the proper functioning of your appliance, and moreover offer it welcome protection against the vagaries of the weather! In addition, the adjustable slats present on most models promote optimal air circulation and control. So investing in such equipment has only advantages!

It hides your air conditioner nicely

We have already mentioned the aesthetic properties of an air conditioner cover, and for good reason: the materials used in the manufacture of this equipment are multiple and offer really advantageous finishes.

Better still: depending on the nature of the materials and finishes used, you will have the possibility of truly concealing your air conditioner or making it a real work of art! It’s up to you to choose, depending on the space available and your design project.

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It’s impact resistant

As mentioned earlier, the casing of your outdoor unit gives it a certain extra strength and prevents it from being damaged. Most of the materials used in the design of the air conditioning cover are extremely durable, so you can enjoy your installation for longer. Which material will you choose: aluminium or wood?

It brings a new decorative element to the room

For those who are still worried about whether the air-conditioning casing will look presentable, don’t worry: air-conditioner covers are ingenious enough to be a real eye-catcher! And if you’re an artist yourself, you can customise your air conditioner cover to your liking. The only limit is your imagination!

As you can see from the above, the air-conditioning cover has many advantages, and few disadvantages. You will probably need the assistance of a professional heating engineer for the installation of the system, and for your own peace of mind. But once the operation is complete, all that remains is for you to enjoy a piece of equipment that is both attractive and practical!