Art is an extremely powerful medium through which artists express themselves. The allure of art makes it effective in conveying messages to wide audiences.

Calling for Change Through the Arts

Social reform and environmental conservation are some of the causes that have benefited a lot from art. From the popular paintings of Picasso to the sculptures of Donatello, art has inspired positive change in the society throughout the history of humanity. The best appreciation of art comes by understanding the message that an artist embeds in the artwork. Philippe Pastor is one of the contemporary artists who have achieved substantial success in environmental conservation through his outdoor artworks. He has a contemporary art gallery in Monaco.

The example of Basta, the work of Philippe Pastor, who denounces the destruction of the environment

Basta exposition is one of Philippe Pastor’s outstanding outdoor artworks that express the artist’s concerns aimed at saving the planet from human destruction. The abstract expressionist has earned an enormous following especially from environmental conservationists who deem his work to be the needed message in the wake of the threats posed by global warming (learn more with this website). Basta is a permanent large-scale exhibition made of white tiles that are clearly visible from the sky.

Basta effectively succeeds in highlighting issues such as pollution, deforestation and environmental degradation as propagated by human activity. The artwork elicits debate and reactions as to how humanity is continuously destroying itself by destroying the environment that supports it.