When summer comes, it’s time to go on holiday or seaside trips to enjoy the sun. It is also a period during which skin problems increase. This is why it is important to use skin care moisturizers, for instance, sunscreen, Monoi of Tahiti oil, a vegetable soap, bath salts or massage oils.

The nourishing properties of these treatments ensure your skin does not dry out because these products are known to neutralize the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays on the skin. For a splendid skin, its summer tan can be maintained with body scrubs from Monoi, as well as, by putting a little sand in your Monoi oil! Thus, wait no more, start using Tahitian scrubbing techniques for a beautiful soft skin.

Tips for a good tan this summer!

<<On a deserted beach, and shellfish…>>. We have all certainly had a chance to breathe in the air at least once before going on holiday on a cruise. For a splendid tan all summer, here is a list of the products that you must have in your beach bag: sunscreen, a good Tahitian Monoi, and a swimsuit. By following out little tips, your skin tan can only be beautiful. So here we go, enjoy all the sunbathing you can and become more beautiful before you get back to work!


To avoid sunburn, it is important to protect your skin.

Sunscreen: your best friend against sunburn.

For a good tan, the choice of a suitable sunscreen is vital. Several considerations are made to avoid making mistakes in this area. First, the choice is made depending on a person’s skin type.

We have identified four major skin types:
-Very pale sensitive skin
-Fair skin
-Intermediate skins
-Resistant skins

Therefore, it is essential to pick a sunscreen that matches the expected level of exposure to sun. The UV protection factor may indeed vary considerably from one product to another, which is why it is necessary to be well informed before purchasing. The time and place of tanning must be considered: it is clear that intense exposure on tropical islands does not represent the same risk for skin tanning as a few minutes on a less sunny beach. In all cases, it is strongly recommended to avoid basking in the sun between noon and 4 pm. The French Agency for Safety of Health Products lists several categories sun protection depending on the UV indices adopted.

Low levels of protection have indication levels of 6 to 14, the average coverage range from 15 to 29, the upper protection levels have 30, and 50 have a very high protection index greater than 50. Of course, the most fragile skins, must definitely protect themselves with sunscreens having high indices. This is also true for prolonged exposure. As far as the cream is concerned, apply it in the morning to avoid sunburn. In general, a regular application, approximately every two hours, is the surest way to prevent any danger to the skin. This is the guarantee of a safe tan, which can be refined by using a moisturizing skin in the evening. For those who want to have a nice golden skin on the beach before exposing yourself to the sun, it is possible to opt for artificial UV sessions.

Monoï is an oil essential for enhancing your skin.

Another tip to be aware of this summer is monoï tanning. This dry, exotically scented oil from Tahiti is the best product to enhance and perfume your skin. Once a traditional secret of the Tahitian Vahiné women, today monoï is a particularly sought after beauty oil, as much for its original fragrance as for its 100% natural composition. Tahitian monoï is made from marinating fresh tiaré flowers from the Polyneisan soil in a bath of coconut oil. This technique allows an oil suitable for both skin and hair care to be extracted. Monoï tanning is an ideal method to effectively prepare the skin for exposure to the sun by intensely hydrating and perfuming it. Guaranteed to be free from mineral oil and parabens, monoï leaves the skin softer and more supple.

It is advised to spray monoï oil on the body regularly throughout a day of exposure to the sun, especially after physical exercise or going in the water. It is also possible to apply it to the face and hair to make them shine more brilliantly. The oil should be kept out of heat and direct light so as to preserve its protective qualities for the skin. Monoï tanning hydrates the outer layers of the skin for long periods, while assuring a notable softening of the skin. A satin effect is immediately visible after application, for six-hour long natural hydration on average. It is also an ideal way to nourish the skin after long exposure to the sun, capable of regenerating and bronzing the skin naturally. A perfect complement to tanning, monoï also protects against the cold, the wind and sea salt.

The tan-through swimsuit for a golden body

To tan in the best conditions without having to resort to naturism, one solution presents itself: the tan-through swimsuit. Thanks to innovative fabrics, it is possible to achieve a perfect full body tan without marks. Tan-through swimsuits allow you to achieve an all-over tan without having to undress completely on the beach or by the pool. The fabric has the facility to allow some UV rays through, enough to quickly give the skin a beautiful golden colour.

It guarantees an easily achieved even tan without having to worry about how to dress. The tan-through swimsuit allows you to get rid of those unpleasant tan lines often found on the back or around the neck. It is also a very pleasant swimsuit to wear, light and comfortable, with normal material which also has the capacity to dry out more quickly than a traditional swimsuit.

Practical and enjoyable, this type of swimsuit is recommended for everyone. The only inconvenience of this modern material is that you need to apply sun cream to the swimsuit in question, as well as to the rest of your body. It effectively allows UV rays to pass through, risking sunburn without suitable protection. After exposure to the sun via a tan-through swimsuit, you must not forget to use a high factor sun cream all over your body. It’s a simple and clever way to ensure perfect tanning in all circumstances.

So, are you ready to have beautiful tanned skin? What tip do you like most? Don’t hesitate to share your views with other internet users by leaving a comment.

Sun cream and after sun for protected skin

Having protected skin is essential, especially when you are frequently exposed to the dangers of the sun. To avoid harm from the sun, it is essential to spread sun cream all over the body when you decide to go for a little tanning session on the beach or by the pool in your new Brazilian bikini! Ladies, in order to protect your skin as much as possible, it is best to choose a sun cream factor well suited to your needs, which could be +20, +30 or even +50. Furthermore, it is important to reapply sun cream every hour so as to ensure good skin protection.

In this way, gone are those patches of red skin from evil sun rays! You forgot to put sun cream on because you fell asleep on your towel? Don’t panic girls, there is a solution to make your redness disappear quickly, and also to hydrate your dry skin! After sun cream treats little patches of sunburn and nourishes the skin thanks to its natural composition. If you want to, you can go one step further imitating the Tahitians, by applying after sun cream when you get out off the bath or shower. Using this method, you will create a lotion that penetrates the skin easily and is even more beneficial.

Monoi oil for an enhanced tan

Do you dream of beautifying and enhancing your skin with a beautiful natural tan? If so, Monoi oil is your best friend! Put an end to tan lines by regularly applying Monoi oil over your entire body. A perfect tan is one you have developed gradually by benefiting from effective protection! Speaking of protection from the sun, don’t forget to take your superb Ray Bans to the beach or the swimming pool in order to be the star of the summer!

With Monoi oil, not only will your beautiful golden and uniform tan last, but it will also retain this unparalleled colour, livened up by these soft copper tones which will impress others when you return from your holidays. Monoi oil will enable you to have beautiful tanned skin in order to be able to wear this white top without looking too washed out or too bright, and to be able to keep wearing these beautiful coloured clothes. Because with it, your skin has personality – it’s more brilliant and more beautiful!


Adopt a moisturising treatment for dry skin!

Vegetable soaps and their benefits for the body

In order to complement the benefits that come from the regular use of Monoi oil to care for your body, you can use the Tiki Tamanu soap, or vegetable soap made from Tahitian Monoi and Tamanu oil. These soaps, prepared using traditional methods and produced with the greatest of care, are of exceptional quality. Not only do they fix little boo-boos, but they also enshroud you in an extraordinarily soft aura, giving the impression that the texture of your skin is suddenly rejuvenating to rediscover its prime freshness.

Tamanu oil combined with Monoi oil is the best solution for rejuvenating skin and allowing it to rediscover its natural elasticity. All this is associated with the advantages of vegetable soaps, with 100% natural fragrances, which preserve the skin’s natural equilibrium. These are developed with traditional know-how and respect to the environment. Created in Polynesia, the Monoi oil soaps from these isles are the best solution to ensure you respect your skin, slow down the aging process and anticipate all the ways it could become damaged. Don’t forget either that the Monoi oil is a miracle product for dry hair.

Perfumed bath salts for soft skin

With high quality Monoi bath salts, it is possible to allow yourself the luxury of a soothing bath and to experience moments of unparalleled serenity. Livened up by essential oils, the baths that you take will envelop you in soft and subtle perfumes. These bath salts moisturise the skin all while nourishing it and producing a profoundly peaceful sensation. Concerning hydrotherapy, these salts meet the most demanding standards. The bath salts release delicate fragrances, but also mineral salts which provide your body with the elements it needs to repair itself.

Non-foaming and completely soluble, these bath salts will leave a lasting and extremely pleasurable perfume on your skin. Giving you skin like a baby, with floral fragrances, the bath salts are very relaxing and provide a lasting sensation of wellbeing. Monoi bath salts can be used just as well in your traditional bathtub as in spas, Jacuzzis or other balneotherapy tubs But always with the same guaranteed relaxing effect! These are the treasures of bodily benefits!


Use Tahitian Monoi oil treatments in order to have beautiful soft skin!

The variety of Tahitian Monoi massage oils

For the feet, for the face, just as for the body, Monoi oil has been used as a massage tool in this way since time immemorial. From a simple circular movement around the temples when you have a headache, to the most cheeky of massages, the Monoi oil excels in providing you with a feeling of relaxation, and emitting captivating perfumes. Monoi massage oils are developed with numerous perfumes: vanilla, ylang-ylang, cocoa, tiare, tamanu.

The biological nature of the chosen components allows for a natural massage. Thanks to the Monoi oil your partner’s hands will glide more sensually over your body. All the subtle fragrances which are given off during its application are an added bonus to the enjoyment of the moment. Monoi massage oils constitute a must-have which can quickly become the most pleasurable of addictions, at home as well as at a spa. Furthermore, their variety allows you to vary the pleasures of massage and enter a universe of different comforts each time, as though it has sent you on a sensual journey to the isles of dreams!

The harmful effects of the sun on the skin are well known; notably ageing and the risks of skin cancer. Prevention has done its job and today everyone knows that sun cream is indispensable! Add to this the frequency of showering and the relationships with tensioactives that dry out the skin. The hydrolipidic film which protects the whole of our body is under threat. It is for this reason that it is essential to apply protective and soothing care to the skin.
So, amongst all these treatments, which product do you still not have? Don’t hesitate to give your opinion on the health and beauty of the skin by posting a comment!

Temporary flash tattoos; jewellery for on-trend tanned skin.

Several women now display a flashy accessory: a flash tattoo. Having a fairly inquisitive nature, I became interested in this trend which will surely be THE phenomenon of the summer, and which has already been seen on Beyoncé!
Flash tattoos are an alternative to traditional jewellery this spring-summer. They can be worn over actual bracelets or jewellery, or alone. Skin jewellery will enhance golden skin. Whether it’s at the beach, at the pool, for a concert, for a single day or an evening, we’re no longer hesitating!


Golden temporary tattoos: the trend of the summer!

They are designed like real jewellery, and there is one to suit any taste: ethnic jewellery, fingertip rings, necklaces, bracelets and cuffs. They are available in golden and metallic tones to illuminate skin. There are even designs which can be tattooed onto hands, the back or the body for women who haven’t reached the stage of getting a real tattoo (or even for those who have already had one too!)
No longer do you need to take off costume jewellery when going in the water: they stay on for 5 to 7 days. How do you take off your temporary tattoo? Wipe it with cotton wool soaked in make up remover or body lotion and that’s it!

This on-trend accessory will make your golden skin dazzle (be careful to protect yourself from UV rays!) and you can keep changing it throughout the summer. As for me, I chose the ethnic “Child of Wild”, and I feel like an Egyptian with the appearance of Nefertiti! I feel like I’m going to give in again for other styles…
And to be perfect on the beach, why not match your nail varnish to your swimming costume or your beach outfit; and think about permanent hair removal for flawless legs?

So, are you tempted by flash tattoos?