A massage can be relieving and most of the time safe, but in some cases, some are not allowed to get them for medical reasons. In this article I will tell you who must not get a massage Nice.

Those who might never be able to get a massage

In some medical cases, you might not be able to get a massage for your whole life. For example, if you have a heart condition, especially if a massage can lower your heart rate of if it can increase pressure in your arteries. Other conditions can ban you from getting a massage or anything close to a massage, for example circulatory problems like phlebitis, varicose veins or thrombosis…

Unfortunately, if you have a certain type of diabetes (find out more with a doctor), you won’t have the chance to receive a massage. Also, if you have a very low immune system, getting a massage will not be possible.

Those who can’t get a massage temporarily

For women who are pregnant, please note that you can NOT get a massage during the first three mouths of your pregnancy, after those three months, getting a massage will be possible, even though you won’t be able to get one with essential oils (only neutral oils).

Massages might have become a routine for you, but if your skin has become “old”, it will not be possible anymore because elderly people’s skin tend to get finer as they grow older.

On the contrary, children cannot get a massage either until they are a certain age and 18 seems to be the age given by all different sites on the subject.

Lastly, it is not recommended to get a massage in you have an infection, an inflammation, a bruise or a wound.

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