Whether in the organic universe or not, essential oils have attracted for a long time people seeking wellness and fans of pleasant smells which are healthy for the body. In the cosmetic world, essentials oils are more and more used for many reasons.

What you need to know about essential oils

Aromatherapy comes from ancient science which generally extracts by distillation, aromatic essences of plants, that is to say a powerful concentrate of active biochemical molecules that will be used in light application, by ingestion in small amounts or through diffusion. The use of these oils should be well supervised because allergic reactions may occur.

Precautions to be taken when using essential oils:

  • Always follow the dosage of essential oils
  • Do not use essential oils to the mucous membranes (nose, ears, eyes etc.)
  • It is not recommended to expose yourself in sun after applying essential oils to the skin

Keep the bottles of essential oils away from light and heat

It is recommended to dilute the essential oils with a vegetable oil in case of dermal use. Essential oils can be applied locally, for a massage, in the bath, cosmetics, hair (anti-greesy, anti-dandruff) and for care (pain, tension, stiffness, cellulite, burn etc.).

To choose its essential oil, be careful the selection criteria of an essential oil, the essential criteria that are found on the bottles are:

  • The « 100% pure and natural / organic » Mention (some essential oils are mixed with a vegetable oil)
  • The common name of the plant in French
  • The botanical name of the plant in Latin

To relax, do not hesitate to use essential oils.

Essential oils: From the perfume industry to the cosmetic industry to cleaning products

If essential oils are useful to cure sores or relax, they are also used in the composition of cleaning products. For consumers who are concerned about nature and environment, try not to use cleaning products that pollute. Essential oils have deodorant, antifungal, antibacterial, anti-insect, anti-viral and refreshing properties, they are ecological cleaning products.

Furthermore, the perfumed oil diffusers are another way to enjoy the benefits of these essences. They allow you to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, conducive to well-being. Finally, for cosmetic products, biological oils can be added to face creams to reduce wrinkles, scars or