Are you looking for inspirational ideas for the garden to transform it into a cosy and welcoming space? Whether you want to combine them or use them individually, our inspirations will help you give your outdoor space a new look. From garden furniture to decorations, each element will add its own touch of charm.

Why decorate the outside of your home?

Garden design and exterior decoration are necessary for you to use your space as a place to live and/or relax. Adding some greenery, installing the right furniture, taking care of the lighting… are all options that will allow you to transform an empty exterior into a little piece of paradise.

Moreover, the exterior is the showcase of your property. You must therefore take care of your space so that it enhances the house, especially if you plan to sell later.

Garden furniture for a cosy outdoor space

When the good weather arrives, you automatically want to make the most of it. What could be better than garden furniture to make you feel comfortable and enjoy the pleasant sensation that the rays create on your skin? Remember to adapt the furniture to the space.

A hanging armchair or a small sofa will be perfect on a balcony, a complete lounge is ideal for the garden or a large terrace. Install the furniture in a shaded area, so you can extend your lazy moments without jeopardising your health.

An outdoor carpet to combine aesthetics and practicality

Beautiful, durable and easy to maintain, rugs are original accessories to enhance the look of your outdoor space. As you can imagine, the models designed for indoors are not suitable. Garden rugs have been specially treated to make them weather and UV resistant, but also moisture resistant.

Unroll the mat in the middle of the lawn, on the edge of the swimming pool, on the balcony or on a wooden deck, the possibilities are endless. Match the design to the existing decor and your outdoor area will automatically be enhanced.

Garden gnomes to bring life to your garden!

The popularity of garden gnomes is still going strong, even though these colourful little guys have lasted for centuries. If you have memories of ugly gnomes, today’s models will change your mind. Modern techniques now make it possible to create endearing characters with expressive faces.

A dwarf snoozing in his armchair, another riding his motorbike, a miniature family that seems to be laughing or small facetious statues will bring colour and life to the garden.

Outdoor lights to enjoy your garden in the evenin

Don’t neglect the power of lights! Even if the summer sun is not in a hurry to set, it is essential to have good lighting all year round. Install a floor lamp near a swing so you can watch the stars without being in total darkness.

Use wall lights to illuminate the terrace for open-air dining. Illuminate walkways with in-ground LED spotlights to make it easy to find your way home late at night. Do you live in a windy area? Go for a storm light, which you can get on the Sabrina Monte Carlo website.

There is a wide range of designs to choose from, allowing you to adapt your choice to the decorative style of the garden.

Statues to add an aesthetic touch to your exterior

Statues fit perfectly into green spaces. Like dwarfs, they have evolved enormously to give a neat aesthetic. If you want to add an artistic touch to your decor, don’t hesitate to choose statues in white, black, grey, bronze or gold.

If you have a small garden or if the garden furniture already takes up a lot of space, choose small statues. On the other hand, don’t hesitate to opt for large models to fill a large space.

A birdhouse for small flying animals

Isn’t it nice to hear the sweet song of birds? Like us, these little animals need to rest in the shade, to take shelter from the rain and wind, to stay warm when it snows… By installing a pretty birdhouse in your garden, you are offering the birds a shelter.

They will enjoy their home so much that they will come back to visit you often or settle in your outdoor space. The hut also adds a decorative touch, whether it is placed on a pedestal among the plants or attached to the facade.

Colourful flowerpots to add colour!

Enhance your outdoor space with pots and planters in original or more classic designs. Choose fresh colours to bring softness. Use bright colours to reflect your joie de vivre. Don’t hesitate to mix several colours for a sparkling result. This will make your garden even more welcoming.

You can also assign a colour to each plant species: pink for cacti, green for pelargoniums, yellow for tulips… The decorative effect is guaranteed with colours that can be used without moderation.

An attractive and practical shade sail for the sun

The sun is certainly pleasant, but it should not be abused, especially on summer days. Shade sails are the perfect way to protect yourself while enjoying the outdoors. They are available in geometric shapes and colours and can be custom-made to fit over your balcony or terrace.

They can also be stretched between trees, over the beach and/or the swimming pool – you decide on the ideal location. Take the path of the sun into account when choosing the right slope.

A garden fountain to enhance your home’s exterior

It is well known that water is a soothing element. Imagine being able to listen to it, to observe the way it flows whenever you want. That’s what a fountain promises. Choose yours according to the existing garden design or the one you want to create.

From rain curtains over a small pond to cascading fountains, from graphic to rustic, you are spoilt for choice. You will certainly enjoy a decoration that invites you to relax or meditate.

Footstools for relaxing in the afternoon sun

Would you like to sit outside and watch a series, read a book or sip a cold drink? Ottomans are making their way into garden design. Soft creations with a backrest are particularly comfortable.

You can also use more traditional footstools as footrests to relax in your armchair or sofa. Depending on your preferences, match your footstools with other furniture to create a perfect harmony or use different colours to create a cheerful contrast.

An outdoor shelf to store your garden equipment

Gardening is not only time consuming. It also requires good tools. Creating a dedicated storage space will allow you to create a clever garden design. Each tool will be in its place, which will help you find it easily.

In addition, your gardening equipment will not be lying around, risking injury or damage. Custom-made or not, the shelf is the ideal solution. You can decorate it with lights, put some decorations on it or dedicate it exclusively to your tools.

Garlands and pennants to celebrate the festive season!

Outdoor decoration is also about elements that awaken the festive spirit. You don’t have to put up garlands and pennants when you set up the space. However, it is always useful to have them on hand for the various celebrations.

Hanging in trees, under balconies, in front of the main entrance and just about anywhere else you like, garlands are perfect for brightening up the outdoors at birthdays, christenings, reunions and more. The illuminated models are particularly advantageous if your parties continue or take place in the evening.

You have all the cards in your hand to decorate your outdoor area with great taste and character. The most important thing is to always adapt the design and decoration to your personality so that you enjoy your garden.