If you are planning to incorporate a company in Hong Kong, one of the crucial components that you must have before commencing is an offshore bank account. Besides, you can also open a personal offshore bank account to enjoy better financial freedom, security of your deposit, higher interest rates, and lower tax rates in Hong Kong. However, it has not always been an easy thing for individual people and even corporates opening offices in Hong Kong. 

Reports of failed applications are not uncommon. In other cases, accounts are being terminated especially if they were opened with a BVI. To raise your chances of success in getting an offshore bank account, consider getting the assistance of professionals.

Tips on selecting the best agency to assist you to open an offshore bank account

High success  rate of up to 99% with previous clients 

To your new business, an offshore account is a serious thing. You cannot make any business transaction, payment, or even pay requisite taxes without it. Therefore, you should look for an agency that guarantees you of over 99% success. Take a look at the past transactions and contract the firm if it was successful.

Established and operates from Hong Kong 

The best firm to assist you to open an offshore account should be based in Hong Kong. This is important because the firm will have the comprehensive understanding of the local requirements, regulatory framework, and other logistics. By operating from Hong Kong, it will also be easy to capture changes and implement them immediately to raise chances of success.

Has deep understanding of Hong Kong Banking system 

For many years, Hong Kong has stood out because of its unique banking system. It is highly vibrant and supported by useful laws. An agency that has a deep understanding of the banking system will easily tell why your previous application was terminated or application was denied. It will also identify the right banks that are ideal for your situation (personal or corporate) to make the application successful.

Good understanding of the banking system also makes it easy for the agency to know what is required to have the account application successful. For example, many people’s applications fail to get the accounts they want because they do not give sound reasons. However, a good agency will craft compelling reasons that will make it easy and fast to get the account you want.

Facilitates faster opening of accounts even without traveling to Hong Kong

If you purpose to apply for an offshore account on your own, physical presence is crucial. The banks want to see you and understand the client. However, a good agency will be able to assist you to get the offshore account promptly without having to travel to Hong Kong. This will save you on time and resources that could have been required when traveling from Home Country to Hong Kong.

Opening a bank account can be very challenging especially without the relevant understanding of the Hong Kong systems. Well, get it right from the first minute. Whether you are opening a new account, the first application was denied, or an account has been terminated, getting the right agency can help. Reach us today to be sure of success in getting the offshore bank account you want with more than 99%.