The Metro Toronto Convention will be hosting the Big Data Toronto Conference in 2019. Over two days, from June 12-13, more than 5,000 participants will be networking, attending talks, and viewing a range of exhibitions and demonstrations.

The latest technologies and methods in Big Data will be on show, and experts will be on hand to explain their uses and key applications across a range of industrial and social fields.

Over 100 invited speakers will report on their experiences, highlighting some use cases which illustrate the challenges and rewards that Big Data technologies are currently bringing to their organisations. There is a link-up with Artificial Intelligence start-ups, allowing participants to see the best and brightest new ideas in the AI world. Some of these start-ups will compete for an award on the second day. This is a chance to gather intelligence on how Big Data is being put to use in Canada and across the world and meet people who know the future direction of research in this exciting area.

What are Big Data Technologies?

It is increasingly hard to define Big Data technologies ( because they are expanding so rapidly into so many different areas. They include techniques to analyse large and complex volumes of data, for example to track past performance across several indicators, monitor progress and make predictions about future trends. For commercial organisations, Big Data technologies can assist in strategic planning, and give insights into market changes that are just beginning to appear on the horizon.

Disparate types of information can be combined in creative ways to produce unique forms of analysis that help organisations understand the reasons behind employee, customer and user behaviours. It’s not hard to see the potential advantages that these new technologies can bring to those who like to keep ahead of the competition.

Examples of Big Data technology include crowd and cloud computing, advanced machine learning, cybersecurity and all kinds of data governance and management. Success in a globalised market that is overflowing with information means relying on the ability to gather and process a huge amount of tiny transactions.

Big Data technologies make sense of this dynamic data and can turn it from an amorphous mass into useful graphics and tables. Speakers at the conference will cover subjects such as the challenge of introducing robots into retail deep learning into autonomous vehicles on the one hand, and aspects of data storage and Hadoop clusters on the other. There are sessions on AI and blockchain, dealing with sensitive data and algorithmic ethics. Enterprises, government agencies and community organisations can all benefit from these emerging technologies.

How to attend the 2019 conference on Big Data ?

Tickets for the 2019 Big Data Conference must be obtained from the conference website in advance. There is an email community as well, which keeps participants informed of any developments in the period running up to the start of the conference. Further details are available on the usual social media channels, and contact information for the organisers is likewise available from the conference website.